Call for Papers/Demos

Submissions are open

AsiaHaptics is a conference
focused on haptic demonstrations.

All presenters are required to give a demonstration.
The following three items are required for submission:

2-4 page paper
(Attached format)

The papers will eventually be collected and made available on arXiv. In consideration of the effort required for uploading to arXiv, papers should only be submitted as PDF files converted from WORD files. Please use the template above.

A video
(Up to 3 minutes showing the content of the demonstration, mp4 format)

With the author's permission, videos will be uploaded to services such as Youtube for viewing.

A floor plan
(Indicating the required space, power, lighting, environment, etc.) (Attached sample)

One (1) poster board (2m x 2.5m (H)) and three (3) tables (1.37m x 0.61m), one power outlet (possible power: 220V-1.5kW) will be provided per presentation.

If you need more space or more tables and chairs, please describe this in your floor plan, as well as the lighting conditions or other preferences.

Depending on space and lighting requirements, the room may be in a different location.


Stay Tuned!